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23 - 28 November, 2022
All Day
Forecourt of Sweet Muzic Showroom

Getting the very best of purchased gear is usually a challenge for many. Which products will work best for me? Which products will meet my desired purposes? How do I utilize the functions of a purchased gear to it's maximum? What do I look out for in making gear purchases targeted to a specific purpose? These questions and many more will be answered through our Live Product Demonstrations @Senkufair 2020.

Seasoned artistes and resource personnel will be present in our various booths and take turns to demonstrate with various products and how to get the best out of them. They will take you through what you know, what you thought you knew, and what you didn't know about various gear you've been using.

You shall learn modern trends in gear manufacture and how new features can enhance your performances. Get ready for a time of useful practical gear education at zero cost. Just be @Senkufair and watch these product demos for free.

Demos will cover various Musical Instruments, as well as tip and tricks in live sound settings. Don't miss out!

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