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Music in Ghana is growing at a very rapid rate, with various stakeholders coming into play in various sectors. The musical-instrument sector has become a major part of every kind of music, creating the need for a platform that will bring together music lovers and their instruments, to explore the newest innovations in music, recording technology, sound, stage and lighting products.

Pneuma Technologies has launched “Senku Fair”, as an annual event to bring together Churches, Bands, Schools as well as individual music lovers, and various instrument vendors and stakeholders in the musical-instrument sector. We believe that the Akan word “Senku” captures most kinds of musical instruments, hence the name of the Fair. This Fair is to give visitors the chance to test new products, purchase at great discounts, see and hear well-known artists and Technicians at workshops, participate in live product demonstrations as well as Jam Sessions and Concerts, where various instruments are in use. Senku Fair is poised to become Ghana’s greatest music festival of all time.

Senku Fair is poised to become Ghana's biggest musical festival of all time!

Save the dates and be at Senku Fair!

Young, Passionate, Hardworking

The Senku Fair Team is a group of young, ambitious and hardworking people who have competencies in various fields, but a common passion - MUSIC!

This team is determined to see modern trends in Ghana's Musical Instrument industry for the benefit of all stakeholders. They have been working day and night with every skill set to make Senku Fair a huge success

Digital Agency & International Business Facilitation

Pneuma Technologies is a Technology Consultancy firm which offers various services that enable businesses to leverage on technology tools. Utilizing the power of social media and ecommerce tools, our products have helped many businesses reach more clients beyond the traditional marketing routine, and have offered various IT Training Products for staffs of various businesses.

Pneuma also provides International Business and Import facilitation services for businesses who deal in electronics and musical instruments, from manufacturers in US, Europe, UAE, Japan and China.

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